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"Download Snapchat PC free in your computer. Download Snapchat for PC and install app in your computer."


Snapchat PC lets you send text messages and share pictures with your friends from your home computer. Download Snapchat PC on your computer and enjoy the benefits that you offer this app. Send fun pictures with expiration date, images that the application be removed in the time that you want.

Snapchat PC

Snapchat PC seduces younger users

Snapchat is an instant messaging application that in just one year has achieved millions of users. This application is downloaded by thousands of users every day and many called the new Instagram. Young people are a sector of users very demanding and very interesting from a commercial perspective. For this reason internet giants such as Facebook are closely monitoring the evolution of Snapchat, the new messaging app that in just a few months, it has already received bids for the purchase of the application. This application is available for iPhone and we can also download the app for Android.

Snapchat for PC sends visible images for a limited time

Here we will tell you how to download Snapchat PC and you ll be able to follow the tutorial of how to install Snapchat PC in the computer. With application for PC lets you send photos, videos and small text messages where the sender can choose the time that the message will be visible to the other person, always with the minimum of ten seconds. It is this feature that distinguishes it from the other messaging applications, and has been well received by users, especially the more young people, who see that can send fun pictures and for the person who receives only will be able to see it for a limited time. After this time the image disappears and is not saved nor in the Smartphone or on the application servers.

Install Snapchat PC, contact your friends and creates conversation groups insurance.


How to capture images with Snapchat PC

Many users already thinking about how to record the images they receive, although in some cases it is as simple as making a snapshot of the screen. In the event that the user to record the image application warns the sender of this fact. For this reason it is important to be cautious of what we sent out, so you don't have troubles in a future.

The possibility of sending images only visible for a few seconds, has popularized Snapchat rapidly among young people. There are many who have used the application to send pictures spicy to friends or girlfriends. It is incredible to see in just a few months Snapchat processes more than 30 million messages a day. These figures confirm the amount of active users that used the app now.

The youth sector the most coveted by social networks

Earn the loyalty of young people is the challenge of social networks. Facebook which has seen its social network loses interest among adolescents has already expressed its interest in SnapChat. This application has grown registered a great growth and some of the Internet giants have already made contacts to acquire the application. Facebook looks like projects like Facebook Poke not just give the expected results and even though they do not speak of the item, it begins to be an open secret that they are worried about many users already don't like everything related to their social network.